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  • Essenhigh Farrington Law specialises in handling litigation on behalf of individual and corporate clients. It is a compact firm with a big capability. The firm is experienced in conducting complex multi-million pound commercial litigation, but is equally at home bringing cases for individuals (e.g., personal injury or clinical negligence claims), or undertaking residential conveyancing. I am pleased to write, having worked in combination with Essenhigh Farrington Law as the legal team on a major piece of tax litigation. Essenhigh Farrington Law provided a highly skilled and knowledgeable team, enthusiastic to provide an excellent service to the client. The firm is constructive and pro-active; thorough and resourceful. They understand both client needs and litigation strategy. Above all, they recognise the value of a dedicated and motivated professional team. It is a pleasure to work together. Michael Patchett-Joyce – Outer Temple Chambers
  • “I have worked with Samantha of Essenhigh Farrington Law for several years now and have always found them to be honest, upfront and professional at all times! I would strongly recommend them!” Saleem Mukhtar, CEO, Paragon Chauffeurs, London
  • “You offered a superb service; efficient and effective, with a personal touch which made a very difficult a stressful time much less so. Thank you.” Pete Jones
  • “Samantha is one of the most focused and dedicated business colleagues I have worked with. She demonstrates vision and the ability to think outside of the box at every available opportunity. Added to that she thinks like a business woman and not just within her structured remit. I highly recommend Samantha for any business venture and/or project” Michael Black , MRB Consultancy Ltd
  • “The Essenhigh Farrington Law team have helped my company for a number of years and through a number of challenges, always with immaculate attention to detail, professionalism and service. Definitely a breath of fresh air in the legal world.” Chris Dawson, Director, 6th Door Ltd
  • “I would like to express how pleased we have been working with Litigaid law. I am very impressed, with the level of service and attention to detail and indeed sound advice, given.Especially by Samantha Essenhigh, who put our minds at rest and delivered on time. I would not hesitate to recommend Essenhigh Farrington Law to anyone seeking legal advice.” Tim Howarth, MD, RTL International Ltd
  • “The work of Samantha Essenhigh and Essenhigh Farrington Law Solicitors has been thorough, flexible and generous and I am very grateful for the support they have been able to provide. Essenhigh Farrington Law was recommended to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend them to others. I am indebted to them for the work they have done to represent me and, at the same time, patiently support me through what might otherwise have felt like an overwhelming and stressful process. I would like to thank Samantha and her team for the work they have carried out and for having an arrangement that suited my personal circumstances.” Mr Chad Thompson, Merseyside
  • “Essenhigh Farrington Law provides high quality legal services to Clients of all shapes and sizes. Predominantly advising Clients on contentious matters, the firm is focused on providing a ‘Rolls Royce’ service, setting them apart from their competitors. Andrew Turner, Director of Legal Provision Ltd has worked with Samantha Essenhigh of Essenhigh Farrington Law for nearly two years. Andrew says: ‘Samantha is one of those individuals who never stands still. Her drive and determination is what every law firm needs in this new modern era.’ Andrew goes on to say: ‘The recent changes resulting from the Legal Services Act 2007 is not just targeted at lawyers Per se, but rather intelligent and highly motivated individuals who understand the changing landscape so that they can help mould and carve out a business idea and embrace the changes by visualising sophisticated ABS models and fully understand what can be achieved through them. This is Samantha’s vision and she will achieve exactly that!” Andrew Turner, Legal Provision
  • “We have worked with Samantha and the team at Essenhigh Farrington Law to develop a number of insurance schemes. She has an incredibly thorough knowledge of the legal landscape and more importantly always has the care of her clients at the forefront of her thinking. We are very happy to be able to provide comprehensive financial protection to the clients of Essenhigh Farrington Law enabling them to pursue their claims without the risk of any personal financial loss” Kyle Stubbs – Business Development Manager, Financial and Legal Insurance
  • “I recently had a terrible problem with my business and turned to Samantha for legal help which was such a relief after all the stress. Samantha and her team helped me enormously, I can’t say it enough – thank you all.” Sandy McKenzie, Restauranteur

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