A little more about us

Essenhigh Farrington Law has spent the last 12 months focusing on a major restructure and a rebrand.

We have listened closely to our clients and studied the legal industry carefully to see what individuals and business owners really want and need from their legal representation.

With a combined 40 years experience between the Directors of Essenhigh Farrington Law alone and a will to provide the service that you deserve we hope to change the face of the legal industry and to show each and every client that they are equally as important.

The awards that we have received in the last 12 months go a long way to evidencing the hard work, dedication and commitment that we have, but more importantly, that we can give you what you need.

We are not a traditional firm. We think outside the box and take a modern approach. We have a no-nonsense attitude and ultimately want to make the law work for our clients the way that it should.

A poll of business owners and entrepreneurs told us what the public perception is of the legal sector. Words like, arrogant, untrustworthy, unreliable and expensive were all to common - it’s time for this to change!

This firm will speak to you on your level. We can be trusted. We are reliable. We are honest and we are transparent enough to give you access to our systems so that you can, at any time, log in to ensure that we are doing the work required to meet the needs of you personally and/or the needs of your business.

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